Nooksack Valley Schools – February 2022- Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets ·         A story of faithful commitment and resilience. Reba began mentoring Kaylene in Lynden. In March of 2020 Kaylene moved with her family to the Nooksack Valley. The day after Kaylene toured the school and officially transferred details covid hit, and school went virtual. Reba continued a steady presence in Kaylene’s life, first … Read more

Nooksack Valley Schools – January 2022- Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets ·         Michael and Edgar were matched at the tail end of two historic floods in the Valley and shortly before our winter break. Coming back in January we were faced with freezing temperatures damaging our High School and resulting in students moving to remote learning for the first week of January. Wednesday night … Read more

Nooksack Valley Schools – December 2021 – Coordinator Report

Our mentors are true heroes. In the midst of ever-shifting schedules, our mentors have remained faithful and flexible to continue meeting with students within the reality of the moment. Students are tired and cautious…but happy to be back on campus (but let’s be honest, probably more for friends than classes!) Our staff is working diligently … Read more

Nooksack Valley Schools – November 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets ·         Well, I didn’t see that coming… Following a seemingly unending global pandemic and the numerous adjustments to our school life and schedules I may have begun to think we were beyond surprises and disruptions. And clearly, I was wrong. This month flooding hit the Valley with a force that few if … Read more

Nooksack Valley Schools – October 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets  The Maid is a current Neflix series that tells the story of a young woman struggling with the realities of abuse and marginal employment, matters of concern for many students as they transition to adulthood. I recommend it as insightful for Mentors growth and understanding. Here is a link to an NPR article about the program October focus:  Holding pattern – In … Read more

Coordinator Report – Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School

April 2021 Stories & snippets  Mentors are returning to campus and we are enjoying the fullness of person-to-person meetings. At 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon at our High School we had both our longest serving mentor and newest mentor meeting with their respective students. April focus:  Reconnecting on campus for face-to-face meetings while still supporting virtual … Read more

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School: Coordinator Report for March 2021

Stories & snippets  This month we received approval to return to on campus mentoring. This is exciting news, and we are now working to restart existing matches and begin new connections. This move has brought both the joy through reconnecting live matches and the assurance that it is okay to continue virtually. Some mentors are choosing … Read more

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School – Report January 2021

Stories & snippets  Following the Student Voices mentor training A NV mentor connected with a mentor from another school district and shared ideas and experiences. From a recent conversation with a student “Whether or not this COVID is true people are dying.” January focus:  (Continuing) Supporting students and mentors who are meeting primarily via video/ZOOM. Hosted (with other area … Read more