Betty Shaum Memorial

Donate in loving memory of Betty My mom generously gave of her time and finances to support organizations that were near to her heart. Be the One was an organization she donated to regularly. My husband Denny and I founded an NPO, Partners for Schools, which created Be the One Community Mentoring Programs 9 years … Read more

Lynden Community grieves loss of young student

We are grieving the loss of a lovely young woman from LHS. Her name is Kailia and indications are that it was by suicide.  Our hearts go out to the family, staff, and students at LHS and all those who have been touched by the trauma of this loss.  We greatly appreciate the outpouring of … Read more

Only 7 Seconds

Here is a great resource to be aware of. There is an organization called Only 7 Seconds (focus on relationships, mental health) that our district is connecting with through the Northwest Conference and our athletic programs.  Explore more at their website Jeff and Diana Bedlington (Cascade Farms) are sponsoring this initiative due to their own personal … Read more

Be The One 2022 Order Form

Here is the printable version of our order form to place your order: Be The One 2022 Order Form When you are ready to pay, visit our secure online payment form.       .

Cherie and Jasmin’s Story

Cherie met her mentor, Jasmin, in middle school, and they continued meeting in person this year at the high school. She needed someone to talk to that she could trust, and that motivated her to request a mentor. They enjoy talking, playing card games, and walking around campus together when they meet each week. Cherie … Read more

Justin and Herm’s Story

Justin enjoys hearing stories from his mentor, Herm, about what things were like when he was a kid growing up in Holland. They enjoy talking about any number of things and frequently play card games during their conversations. Time with Herm is important to Justin because he has someone to talk to regularly, and he … Read more

Jessica and Elizabeth’s Story

Jessica first heard about Be the One during her sophomore health class and thought it might be nice to have someone to talk to. She admits it was a little awkward at first, but she quickly warmed up to her mentor, Elizabeth. They bonded over playing dominoes, sharing snacks, and laughing a lot! Sometimes they … Read more

Chris and Eddie’s Story

After being suspended from middle school, Chris was encouraged to meet with a mentor. He admits he was pretty skeptical about the whole mentoring idea, but decided to try it. Now he and his mentor, Eddie, are in their fourth year together! Chris and Eddie have off-campus privileges and usually meet together at Woods on … Read more

Jessie and Maria’s Story

Jessie heard about Be the One from her older sister and decided to ask for a mentor freshman year. She and Maria have developed a close friendship over the past three years, playing cards, sharing tacos and chatting about all kinds of topics. When Jessie is facing a decision, she appreciates that Maria offers suggestions … Read more