“Now That I Have A Mentor I Just Feel Like I Have Someone Who Will Always Be There And Care About Me And The Decisions I Make.” Sky was having a hard time focusing in school and staying motivated to get her work done. She hadn’t given much thought to her future but because of … Read more


“It Is A Different Relationship Than With A Teacher… “ Tara is a student striving to be her best in high school. She is extremely involved with many clubs and very focused on going to a university. Her parents are amazing but she needed a little something extra to get guidance in applying for scholarships … Read more


“After Only 6 Weeks With My Mentor I Am Now On Track To Graduate With My Class.” Cheyenne never knew her dad and her relationship with her mom was in a downward spiral. Hanging out with the wrong kinds of people, skipping curfew, and getting picked up by the police all were leading her down … Read more


“Having Denny As My Mentor Has Completely Changed My Life.” Alex found himself a deep hole and had little hope for a better life. He and his friends were into drugs and skipped school often. When asked if he wanted a mentor he thought, “finally”. As the result of having dedicated and caring mentors, Alex … Read more


“If It Weren’t For My Mentor, I Wouldn’t Be The Person I Am Today.” Before Aranza had a mentor, she felt alone and empty. But now, Aranza has chance to be heard, the opportunity to grow and a place to belong. Janna and Aranza from Partners For Schools on Vimeo.


“If I Didn’t Have Her I Wouldn’t Be As Outgoing And Happy As I Am Now.” After losing her mother to breast cancer four days after her 13th birthday, Tori jumped at the opportunity to have a Mentor for extra support. She met Connie early in her freshman year, and they have been together ever … Read more


“My Mentor Actually Cared About Me. To Me That Was A Really Big Deal.” Ryan wasn’t sure that he wanted a mentor and felt a bit offended that someone else thought he needed support. Then he was introduced to his mentor who met him where he was and helped him find his purpose.     … Read more


“Growing Up Having Someone To Listen Would Have Been So Amazing. I Wanted To Be That Person For Someone.” Sharon is a mother and works full time in Banking but she knew she could still give one hour a week to a student. The relationship that developed over the years became one that has changed … Read more


“J.T. Is Going To Graduate With Life Skills. That’s The Most Important Thing For A Kid.” As a scared freshman kid, J.T. wanted a man in his life to help him be a man. Phil has provided that direction by being a friend and giving him some tough love. Phil is committed to working alongside … Read more


“Someone Willing To Care, Willing To Listen, Who They Can Trust – That’s Really What Being A Mentor Is All About.” Jason knew that having a mentor would make a difference in the lives of his own children so he decided he could give one hour a week to another student. What he discovered was … Read more