Our Board

Be the One is a community engagement strategy of Partners for Schools, a 501c3 non-profit organization, in alliance with schools, local businesses, individuals, civic groups and communities of faith.

We Cultivate Community Engagement, To Raise Hope And Inspire Student Success.

Our Board Members

Denny McHarness
Denny and his wife Nancy founded the Partners for Schools 501c3 organization in 2010 for the sole purpose of finding the need, then meeting the need.  Denny loves Lynden and believes that strong, healthy schools should reflect thriving, successful kids, families and communities. “We need to support the next generation in ways that build vibrant, thriving people.  My faith inspires me to be an instrument of hope and transformation. I travel the world in my professional life and I see people, communities and economies that are unhealthy, struggling and suffering. Our youth need to be positive citizens and leaders of the future.”

Nancy McHarness
Nancy provides the critical backbone of labor, coordination and communication for Partners for Schools. She understands the heart beat and passion of our school leaders and teachers. “After raising our 4 kids, I know it just does not stop there.  It really takes many individuals and a community to support kids, families and schools, and I love connecting the critical dots.  Our kids and schools should not just survive – they should thrive! Every child can benefit from a caring adult mentor”

Steve Dahl
As a professional working in a variety of educational roles (Special Education Teacher, Administrator, Coach, Para-Educator) over the past 2 decades, Steve has always looked for ways to make a positive difference in the lives of kids. He is thankful to live in a community such as Lynden that continually tries to “get it right” for students. Being a Board Member for Partners for Schools has allowed him a way to do this. He loves that he gets to work to support partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders which includes business, school, families, and faith communities—together meeting the needs we find.

Jason Matthews
Jason has worked with students professionally in Whatcom County for over 20 years.  Over that time, he has networked with pastors and church leaders from all over the county to bring hope to students and their families.  As a Be the One mentor, mentor-coach, and PFS board member, Jason is excited to give back to the community through Partners for Schools.

Jacob Anderson
Born and raised in Whatcom County Jacob has a deep commitment to his community. Jacob’s previous experience in the fire service sparked his passion for serving Whatcom residents, which he now continues as a small business owner. Blessed with mentors personally, Jacob attests to the invaluable impact mentors have on individuals and communities. Being a board member allows Jacob to cultivate an environment where every child has access to a caring, loving mentor in their life.