Helpful to let it all out.

Issac and Corey’s Story: Issac heard about Be the One as a freshman from a friend. He admits that initially, … Read more

The 2,160 minutes.

This holiday season we are using the Mentor Minute to celebrate mentors and the positive impact mentoring has in our … Read more

Empowering through Problem Solving

adapted from: Love and Logic Magic for Lasting Relationships Students Don’t Need: someone to solve their problems for them anyone … Read more

HOPE on the Horizon

“Hope is measurable, malleable, and attainable. It is not wishful thinking.” ~Casey Gwinn, from his book Hope Rising Here’s a … Read more

Great News & more Great News!

Lynden Christian rolls out BTO on campus this Fall! Ready to get more info about BECOMING A MENTOR More Great … Read more

BTO comes to Lynden Christian!

Welcome Lynden Christian to the BTO family. Introducing… Stacey Martin, Lynden Christian BTO Mentor Coordinator ….Stacey lives in Lynden with … Read more