He got me to think about myself and who I want to be.

Chris and Steve’s Story Chris first heard about Be the One in middle school. Feeling somewhat lonely at the time, he thought it would be nice to have a mentor to talk to and share some common interests. In Steve, he found that and so much more. Over the past three years, they have played … Read more

Helpful to let it all out.

Issac and Corey’s Story: Issac heard about Be the One as a freshman from a friend. He admits that initially, “I thought it sounded like fun to get out of class and play games—being a typical teenage boy.” After spending 4 years with his mentor, Corey, he says: “It ended up being so needed and … Read more

The 2,160 minutes.

This holiday season we are using the Mentor Minute to celebrate mentors and the positive impact mentoring has in our communities! And, we’re doing that by focusing on words that we typically see or hear around this time of year. Words like joy, hope, peace, and light. We want to share how one hour a … Read more

Empowering through Problem Solving

adapted from: Love and Logic Magic for Lasting Relationships Students Don’t Need: someone to solve their problems for them anyone enabling(reinforcing) their weaknesses “Having mother nurse our wounds and beat up our bullies was fine when we were five, maybe even six or seven, but not so good when we’re fifteen and beyond.” Students Do … Read more

There is HOPE through the POWER of RELATIONSHIPS

Our youth… Anxiety or depression are at all-time highs Suicide among youth has risen to alarming levels 1 in 3 lack a close relationship with a caring adult Many struggle to see the value of school or planning for future careers Technology has propelled this generation into nervous exhaustion COVID-19 and the perceived unraveling of … Read more

HOPE on the Horizon

“Hope is measurable, malleable, and attainable. It is not wishful thinking.” ~Casey Gwinn, from his book Hope Rising Here’s a great life tip from Casey’s book: “So many times angry people think peace will come from how a social service agency helps them or some institution responds to the wrong they have experienced. In all … Read more

Great News & more Great News!

Lynden Christian rolls out BTO on campus this Fall! Ready to get more info about BECOMING A MENTOR More Great News! Be the One Mentoring Programs remained active during school closures and will remain active as we move forward with distance learning models in public schools. Despite Covid changing much of our world, it has … Read more

Stacey Martin coordinator of BTO mentor program at LC

LYNDEN ­— Stacey Martin is announced as the coordinator of the Be The One student mentoring program that starts up at Lynden Christian High School this fall. Be The One, as a community partnership, is already at Lynden, Nooksack Valley, and Ferndale high schools. The program is independently funded, so “while there is no expense … Read more

BTO comes to Lynden Christian!

Welcome Lynden Christian to the BTO family. Introducing… Stacey Martin, Lynden Christian BTO Mentor Coordinator ….Stacey lives in Lynden with her husband, Jacob, and two kids, Lola (5), Everett (2), and their energetic pup, Harper! In 2013, she graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Community Health and minor in Sociology. After volunteering … Read more