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Lynden Christian rolls out BTO on campus this Fall!
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More Great News!

Be the One Mentoring Programs remained active during school closures and will remain active as we move forward with distance learning models in public schools.

Despite Covid changing much of our world, it has NOT changed the mission of Partners for Schools through Be the One…In fact, the changes and stresses our students now face have only increased the need for a supportive community in areas such as mentoring.

Our Public School Mentor Coordinators in Lynden, Ferndale and Nooksack Valley are back in their offices this week. Their first task will be to reconnect students and mentors who want to continue meeting. This may take several weeks to accomplish.

If you are a mentor, please reach out via email to your coordinator; welcome them back and let them know your preference for engagement this year. Reconnecting students with their mentors in a distance learning model will be a challenging process, so they could use our encouraging words.

  • Lynden: Lisa Reynolds, & Brian Clemmer,
  • Ferndale: Annie Anderson,
  • Nooksack: Jim Schmotzer,
  • Lynden Christian: Stacey Martin

Coordinators will continue adapting mentoring connection by utilizing platforms such as Zoom, email and snail mail. Texting through a secure platform is also under consideration. They are very hopeful all the wonderful community members who have been mentors will continue to participate. We will continue to face connection challenges for a time, but when we face it together with optimism and fortitude, we will find ways to support our precious students.

New mentoring matches are on hold for now at public schools but the coordinators will re-evaluate their ability to make new matches in a month or so.

Lynden, Ferndale and Nooksack Valley Superintendents and Principals have expressed their deep appreciation for YOUR CONTRIBUTION as members of the community. Your participation through mentoring and funding Be the One Coordinators in your schools, helps students thrive and not just survive. Amazing student testimonials are made possible by you!

!!! Rest assured “face time” with students will be restored as soon as possible. !!!

Mentor Coordinator positions exist because we as a community fund them. Your donations fuel meaningful relationships for students in your community.

Thank you!