Nan & 3 mentors

3 mentors over the course of Middle School, current relationship began March 2022  In 6th grade Nan was excited to be … Read more

Angie & Casey 

Mentoring began in 8th grade, 2021 and ended in 9th grade 2022  Angie, an 8th grader, and Casey began meeting virtually in March … Read more

Kaylene & Reba 

Mentoring began at Lynden Schools and ended at NVHS in 11th grade 2022  Reba began mentoring Kaylene at Lynden Middle School. … Read more

Albert and Don

Mentoring began in 6th grade, March 2022  Albert arrived at middle school in the fall of 2021. He and his class … Read more

Joe and Mitch

Began March 2021 – 12th grade  Joe was a junior and school was in year two of pandemic crisis. Joe’s girlfriend … Read more

Manny and Mitch 

Began March 2022 – 9th grade  Manny is a 9th grader from a family with three brothers. His two older brothers are … Read more