Nooksack Valley Schools – June 2022 End of year- Coordinator Report

Year End Report 2021-22

Our story:

We were thinking, hoping that this year would see the end of the pandemic and return of school rhythms more in line with past expectations. We did return in the fall, but as the pandemic lingered and the flooding hit the Valley all systems were challenged. The combined and continuing impact permeated Nooksack Valley Middle and High School. Mentoring remained virtual through most of the fall and winter. By spring we had received approval for mentors to return to campus. The reality was that few of the matches that went into the pandemic were still active. Some new ones had started. By the end of the year, we were seeing signs of new matches beginning to solidify and looking forward to building new connections in the coming fall.

We ended with final match meetings. Each pair had time to reflect on the year, sharing stories. Year end memories were extended through match photos and gift cards donated by Woods Coffee and Edaleen Dairy (Great thanks to Edaleen and Woods!).

Where we are now:

  • We ended the year with 4 active matches (2 MS, 2 HS)
  • We had one graduating senior
  • Several matches ended during the school year (most commonly students moved out of district)
  • We have one current match that hopes to transition from Middle to High School and two other matches hoping to continue

Looking ahead:

  • The hope is that the 2022-23 school year will see current matches continuing, some restarting and the beginning of numerous new matches
  • Lauren Olson will be the new BTO coordinator with a focus on the High School

Students speak (quotes from the 2021-2022 school year):

  • It is really good having a mentor.
  • It helps me when I am stressed out, I can talk with her.
  • (mentoring) Helps me reset my brain.
  • I would like to be her when I grow up. She is the kindest person in the world.
  • I can tell him how I am feeling, he is a trusted person.
  • The only change would be more time together, more days, three days a week.
  • He motivates me to do well in (class), to not get in trouble. He wants to send me on a good path.
  • I want to learn to be nice like him and treat people like he treats them.
  • I heard about mentoring from my girlfriend. She wanted me to do it.
  • it really helped me a lot.
  • I have less stress, I calmed down.
  •  It really helped to walk the track and talk.
  • After meeting my stress would go away.
  • I never felt pressured, it is a way to refresh memories and talk about stuff. It is good to have an older person who has been through life.
  • Mentoring has made me a better son and brother.
  • He helps me believe that I can do hard things.
  • I was worried about my (senior project), and he helped me build confidence and I passed with a good grade.
  • We talked about death and loss, tough stuff. It was helpful.