Lynden Community grieves loss of young student

We are grieving the loss of a lovely young woman from LHS. Her name is Kailia and indications are that it was by suicide.  Our hearts go out to the family, staff, and students at LHS and all those who have been touched by the trauma of this loss.  We greatly appreciate the outpouring of … Read more

Only 7 Seconds

Here is a great resource to be aware of. There is an organization called Only 7 Seconds (focus on relationships, mental health) that our district is connecting with through the Northwest Conference and our athletic programs.  Explore more at their website Jeff and Diana Bedlington (Cascade Farms) are sponsoring this initiative due to their own personal … Read more

Ferndale High School – March 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:   Directing Students to Healthy Choices BTO mentors received a Domestic Abuse training in 2019  that explained the signs and cycles of different types of domestic abuse. A student recently described an unhealthy and emotionally abusive romantic relationship to a BTO representative and afterwards felt empowered to end the relationship. Because of … Read more

Nooksack Valley Schools – March 2022- Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets ·         This month we mark two years since the arrival of the Covid pandemic and specifically the impact on schools and mentoring. Like everything, mentoring was changed in never-before-seen ways. We adapted and adjusted to emails and virtual meetings. We had fits and starts and “not again” moments. It was a struggle for … Read more