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Strengthening Communities through Mentoring

one relationship at a time

When Youth Feel

Seen – Heard – Known – Inspired

  • Grades and course completion go up.
  • Their hope rises.
  • School attendance improves.
  • Ability to deal with anxiety and depression increases.
  • They start dreaming about their future.
  • Self harm decreases and kindness toward others increases.

Make A Difference

Success Stories

Hear about the positive impact mentoring makes in student’s lives in their own words.

Are You Ready to Help Our Youth Succeed?

It is easy to help. We have a simple three step process.







How the Mentorship Program Works in Schools

One Student, One Adult, One Hour A Week

Be The One works with the community and the school to facilitate to mentorship program. Community support is critical to the program’s success.

The Community Commits to Supporting the Program

The mentorship program costs almost $62,000 a year to run in a school district. The full cost is covered by donations from individuals and corporations.

Mentors Volunteer

Volunteer mentors are the heart of the program. Be The One trains and equips the mentors so they feel confident connecting to their student.

Mentors are Connected with Students

The mentor coordinator works to pair mentors with students who have similar personalities and interests.

Who Benefits from Mentorship?

A common misconception is that mentorship is only for troubled youth. That’s not true at all. Mentorship is open to all youth.

We send our regular emails where we apply the lessons of mentorship to encourage and challenge you in your relationship at home and at work.

Mentorship also benefits adults. In the business world, it is an honor to have a mentor.

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Be The One Partners With Schools

At Be The One, we understand the many unique challenges our youth face today. Through
mentorship, students are connected with an adult that matches their interests and personality. For one
hour a week students meet with their mentor at school in a safe and positive environment.

Be The One removes the financial burden of the program from the school by raising community
support to fund a full time Mentor Coordinator position who is an employee of the school.

Be The One also helps by attracting mentors and training them to effectively connect with students.

What are the Benefits of mentorship?

National studies, along with our own experience, show mentorship has lasting benefits.

  • Youth feel valued and important.
  • Their attendance at school and activities
  • Their behavior towards themselves and
    others improves.
  • They find a new sense of hope for the future.
  • They are more likely to graduate and go on to higher education.
  • They have more self confidence and resiliency.
  • They grow up to be valuable contributors to their community, their families, and their workplace.