Ferndale High School – May 2022 – Coordinator Report

Total Matched Pairs: 31 matches Program Development·         Year-end event – Aim and Game Field trip – May 20th – 21 mentor/mentee attendees·         Edaleen Field Trip – Mentors/Students walked to Edaleen for ice cream·         Year-End Photos, Merch Order, etc.·         Adopt a BTO Senior – 4  BTO seniors – Week 1 & 2 packages delivered; Week 3&4 deliveries … Read more

Ferndale High School – March 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:   Directing Students to Healthy Choices BTO mentors received a Domestic Abuse training in 2019  that explained the signs and cycles of different types of domestic abuse. A student recently described an unhealthy and emotionally abusive romantic relationship to a BTO representative and afterwards felt empowered to end the relationship. Because of … Read more