BTO Coordinator Report – Ferndale High School May 2021

Stories to share:


Graduation – Only 2 tickets per Graduate


Because of Covid, the students are only receiving 2 tickets for their live graduation ceremony at Civic Field on Friday, June 11th. One of our BTO seniors is a twin, so they will have 4 tickets to distribute to their loved ones. This senior has decided invite her mentor to attend since she feels the mentor has witnessed so much of her efforts at school. With the limited tickets available, this invitation means even more than years past!


Celebrating BTO Seniors through “Adopt a BTO Senior”


This Lummi Senior is graduating on June 11th, 2021! Be the One at FHS celebrates every graduating Senior in our program through “Adopt a Be the One Senior.” This student is receiving care packages by volunteers in our community the last 4 weeks before graduation. Since she is going to Central Washington University, the women’s small group that adopted her ordered Central gear along with other goodies! Her achievements are outstanding, and we honor all her hard work and dedication as she approaches graduation!


Be the One is honoring 4 other seniors as well. However, one senior did not participate in Adopt a BTO Senior, so her mentor organized her own informal one! Now, the student will receive care packages from her mentor and her mentor’s small group. The mentor is stepping up so she can recognize her mentee’s achievements!


BTO Engagement:

5 students using Zoom regularly

19  in-person matches mentoring!! (Up 5 from last month)

8 Matches using TextBridge

7 students emailing occasionally, disengaged, or waiting until next year to resume 

2 match closures (students and mentors still connected/informally meeting through guardian)


Program Development


  • 2 New matches this month!
  • End of the Year (EOY) activities:
    • Student Interviews – April 19-23rd – 11 students interviewed via Zoom
    • Edaleen Field Trip – May 24-29th – See pictures!
      • Mentor and Student received gift card to Edaleen (Donated by Edaleen!)
      • Walked from FHS to Edaleen during mentoring hour
    • Pictures of Pairs – Given to Students and Mentors as memento
    • Adopt a BTO Senior – Students receive care packages May 15-June 11th! Celebrating their achievements. This year our community partners were Ferndale Kiwanis, Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and a Women’s small group. Each community partner organized and delivered 4 or more care packages.
      • 5 Seniors participating
      • Seniors receive care packages every week leading up to graduation (May 15-Jun 11)
      • Introducing multiple community partners who helped make this possible:
        • Ferndale Kiwanis
        • Ferndale Chamber of Commerce
        • A Ferndale Women’s Small Group
  • Last Mentor Coordinator Meeting – Focus on Wrapping up the Year – Scheduled for June 1st
  • Planning maternity leave request accepted for 2021-2022 School Year. Mentor Coordinator will be working part-time next year. Ferndale SD will hire for the leave replacement position.
  • Mentor Coordinators are checking in with each other and collaborating on a regular basis.




Edaleen Field Trip!




Adopt a BTO Senior Pictures: