BTO Coordinator Report – Nooksack Middle & High School May 2021

Stories & snippets 

  • One of our newest mentors spends time in Idaho. After a connecting with a student and a few weeks of meetings at school it was time for the first virtual session. On the day of the first virtual meeting, I was in Oregon for family reasons. This resulted in a meeting of three states. Coordinator hosting from Oregon; the student was in Washington at NVHS and the mentor joined from Idaho. Technology and opportunity met, in a strange way, thanks to the pandemic.

May focus: 

  • Supporting matches 
  • Coordinating end of the year activities, including scheduling last sessions, interviews, and photos
  • (virtually) attending the Washington Mentors annual state conference

Looking ahead:

  • Coordinating closure to 20-21 school year
  • End of year match meetings
  • Final meeting with area coordinators
  • prepping for 21-22!