BTO Coordinator Report – Lynden High School May 2021

May 31, 2021

Stories to share:
This is always my favorite time of the year.  Not because the school year is wrapping up and it is almost summer, but because I love listening to our end of the year student interviews.  Nancy McHarness with Partners for Schools spent several hours interviewing our LHS students about their mentoring experiences.  It’s so encouraging to hear the comments and be reminded of why we do this.  A couple of examples:

“It’s so helpful to have someone to talk to and get things off my chest.  I love hanging out with him.  He really helped me make it through 9th grade.  It was my hardest year of high school.  I was not doing well academically and was super stressed out.  He listened, helped me cope, and it felt really good to have that.”  LHS Junior who has been with his mentor since middle school.

 “Having a mentor gives me peace of mind and someone to talk to.  He is the only one who really listens to me.  He helps me think about the stuff I do . . . . where I’m at in the world . . . what do with my life . . . what I want to become.  He can say, ‘Yeah, I believe in you.’”  LHS sophomore who has been with his mentor for 3 years

 Wrapping it up:

  • End of the year interviews: almost all students were able to do an interview in person or over zoom.
  • Final meetings: Most pairs had final meetings this month and a few are carrying over to finish up the first week of June.  At their final meeting, the pairs received their photographs and gift cards so they could walk to Edaleen and share a treat.  Thank you to Edaleen’s for the donation!
  • End of year surveys for students and mentors will be sent out in early June and included in the end of the year report.
  • I will send thank you cards to mentors and write short stories of pairs that can be used in future marketing materials.


  • Attended Mentor Washington Mentoring Conference May 25/26 (virtually) and facilitated a networking meet for rural programs
  • Finishing up Mentoring for Equity (online 3 part course)
  • Supporting LC mentor coordinator as she finishes the year
  • Looking ahead to next year and continued collaboration with area coordinators

Youth Mental Health First Aid: 

  • Co-taught class on May 28th (12 attendees)
  • Will offer another class on June 17th