Ferndale High School – April 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:

Mentees care about their Mentors, too!

A mentor had surgery this month and let her student know they would not be able to meet for a couple weeks while she recovered. The student made a “Get Well” card for their mentor and BTO mailed it to the mentor. The mentor loved her card and the pair was excited to see each other again after their brief hiatus.

Meeting during Lunch

Lunchtime is split up into two 30-minute lunches – 1st lunch and 2nd lunch. Because of this, sometimes mentees do not have lunch as the same time as their friends. It can be a lonely time instead of a social time. A student identified that eating lunch with their mentor would be ideal, so the mentor agreed to shift their meeting time to overlap during lunch. Now the pair are eating, chatting and experiencing the ruckus of lunchtime together!

Total Matched Pairs: 33 matches

28 are meeting in-person

4 are using Zoom

1 is using email

Program Development

·         2 new matches this month (both male pairs)

·         End of the Year Prep – Photos, Fieldtrips, adopt a BTO Senior, etc.

·         Last New Mentor Orientation for 2021-22 School Year – April, 20th – 3 attendees

·         Last Mentor Coordinator Meeting scheduled for June 2022 (Celebratory Lunch)

·         Mentor Coordinators are checking in with each other and collaborating on a regular basis.