Ferndale High School – March 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:


Directing Students to Healthy Choices

BTO mentors received a Domestic Abuse training in 2019  that explained the signs and cycles of different types of domestic abuse. A student recently described an unhealthy and emotionally abusive romantic relationship to a BTO representative and afterwards felt empowered to end the relationship. Because of this training, a BTO representative was able to label the abuse and tell the mentee to seek help from other trusted adults.


Mentor and Mentee connect over Hardship

There are many different reasons that mentors and mentees are matched, but the goal is always to find commonality. One of our newest matches are connected by a shared experience involving similar accidents. We were able to match the mentee with “someone who actually understands what (he) went through” because of similar injuries. During the initial meeting the mentee was able to ask questions about the mentor’s experience and hear how he has handled the aftereffects in his own situation. The mentee is looking forward to having a mentor that can relate to his circumstances and support and encourage him through it.


The Power of Assurance

A mentor described the developmental process of how children learn emotional regulation at a young age. She explained how little children wander off in their environment, get hurt and go back to their parent for assurance. Once the child feels safe, they wander back out in the world. Their mentee teared up during the story. The student did not say why she teared up, but she could relate to the child, and most likely, to the absence of this developmental process in her own life. As I heard this story, I imagined the mentee as a toddler getting hurt, looking for her parent, and continually finding little reassurance or safety. What an impact the mentor has as a consistent, trustworthy adult in her life!


Total Matched Pairs: 31 matches

26 are meeting in-person

4 are using Zoom

1 is using email


Program Development

·         2 new matches this month

·         End of the Year Prep – Photos, Fieldtrips, merchandise form, etc.

·         Mentor Coordinators are checking in with each other and collaborating on a regular basis.