Lynden Middle School – March 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to Share
Bring a Friend
More than ever before, I have had students walking into my office wanting a mentor. Some come in on their
own, but most come in because their friend has a mentor. The program is reaching a point where students no
longer think it’s taboo to have a mentor. Now, having a mentor is looked at as a good thing and students with
mentors continue to promote the program. We cannot keep up with the need. As I am getting mentors, I am
matching them almost instantly.
T-shirts and Boat Trips
During the month of March, I have been telling students and mentors about the upcoming boat trip. Also, I have
been offering a t-shirt for each, thanks to Partners for Schools (our sponsoring non-profit organization). The
students are really excited and cannot believe they will receive a free boat trip and t-shirt. Even more exciting,
they will be hanging out with their mentor.
100 Mentoring Hours in the month of March
The middle school has been exploding with new matches. We had 5 more matches made in March and we had
100 mentoring hours total this month as well. I am proud to say we have 37 matches currently, and we started
the year with only 7 matches. This is very exciting for our program. The more volunteers we get, the more
matches we can make.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS
 37 active matches at the middle school
 5 new matches were made in the month of March
 2 Students on our wait list, waiting for a mentor
 20 potential students interested in the program or referred by staff
 400 hours of mentoring so far this school year
Program Update
 New mentor orientation: 8 people attended, and most were match quickly. This was our largest
orientation of the year.
 BTO policy and procedure manual: Still working through it.
Report submitted by Brian Clemmer
 To Partners for Schools board members via Nancy McHarness
 Other copies submitted to: Molly Mitchell-Mumma, Cyndi Selcho,
Robert Kratzig, David Vanderyacht, Mike Stromme, Lisa Reynold,
Annie Anderson, Michele Barmore, Jim Schmotzer, Stacy Martin,
Doug De Vries, Deb Shaum
 Mentors serving in the middle school