Nooksack Valley Schools – March 2022- Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets

·         This month we mark two years since the arrival of the Covid pandemic and specifically the impact on schools and mentoring. Like everything, mentoring was changed in never-before-seen ways. We adapted and adjusted to emails and virtual meetings. We had fits and starts and “not again” moments. It was a struggle for all. And then the Nooksack Valley were doubly impacted by the floods of 2021. So many of our trusted ways of functioning and relating were put to the test. But we held together, innovated, and kept looking forward. As of this month we have been able to bring most of our continuing matches back to meeting on campus. We have, also, been able to start a few new matches. It feels like crawling out of a cave and squinting in the overwhelming light. There is a mix of gratefulness, while it is still a bit difficult to see clearly what is ahead.

·         Follow-up to a story from last month. Reba and Kaylene finally met live for two weeks and then Kaylene was off with her family moving across the country. The times together came and went quickly, but the relationships established, and memories built will be long cherished by them both.

·         Another follow-up story. Michael and Edgar, his mentor, were matched after the floods and met virtually from December through January. Michael was frustrated with ZOOM meetings and asked to take a break until mentoring returned to campus. Finally on March 24 Michael and Edgar met face to face for the first time. With a new energy the match restarted and moved toward a deeper, continuing relationship.


March focus:

·         Supporting matches in the return to on campus meetings.

·         Starting new matches.

·         Ending two matches.


Looking ahead:

·         Continuing reconnecting existing and starting new matches.

·         Meeting and working with area coordinators.

·         Recruiting and onboarding new mentors and new matches.

·         Preparing for the end of the year.