Lynden High School – April 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:

Amazing updates   I received an email earlier this month from a mentor that started this way: “I know you appreciate hearing updates about former mentees!”  This mentor went on to share with me details about their on-going friendship and how this young woman has moved on since high school. The mentee is almost finished with her business management degree at WWU, loves being on campus, has moved out on her own, and recently became engaged to be married.  The mentor ended her email with “I couldn’t be more proud of her!  Thank you for connecting us way back in her sophomore year.  This has been an amazing experience for both of us!”

“You’re the only one”  Last week a mentor came to talk with me after meeting with her student.  She had a heavy heart and a few tears of concern as we discussed their conversation and all the struggles in her mentee’s life.  The student had said, “You’re the only one I can talk to.”  The mentor told me that she never expected that she would care so very much about her mentee and was surprised at the strong bond they had developed.  She offered to come more often if her student would benefit.  Caring makes us vulnerable, but caring also empowers others to keep on going in difficult times.

It’s the little things:  Small demonstrations of caring make a big difference.  This week a newer match happened to be meeting on the student’s birthday.  The mentor and I knew it was his birthday as the student  mentioned it the previous week, but also knew he was living in a foster care situation.  When I saw him that morning, I asked if he had any special birthday plans.  He responded somewhat sadly, “No, I don’t think so.  No one has said anything.  I’m not with my Mom right now, so probably nothing.”  His mentor showed up later and wished him a happy birthday, bringing Dr. Pepper (his favorite drink) and skittles to celebrate!  Really made his day, and mine as well!

Program Updates:

·         New matches are going well

·         Planning for the end of the school year—closure tips for mentors

·         Awaiting BTO Merchandise ordered last month

·         Collecting RSVP’s and permission slips for our end of year event

·         Consulted with Youth Success Mentoring and Empower Youth Network at their request via zoom meeting.  Shared ideas and provided resources for mentoring at the high school level.

·         Area BTO coordinator meeting—discussed planning mentor trainings for next year

·         Coordinated with PFS volunteers to serve breakfast for Saturday School in May


·         Celebration Boat Trip on May 20

·         Saturday School Breakfast—May 7th

·         End of year mentee interviews scheduled for May 9-12

·         Working with interview team at Nooksack to hire a BTO coordinator there

·         Final mentor meetings of the year will be the first week of June