Lynden Christian – April 2022 – Coordinator Report


April seems to be the calm before the storm- in this case the storm is just all the end of year wrap up stuff.  Each of the nine pairs met in April despite spring sports schedules, spring break, sickness, and other things that pop up in spring time.  Coming down the pike we will have end of year interviews for students, I am finishing up 2022 pair photos, the boat cruise is less than a month away now, and we have a few pairs planning to attend.  I will also be sending out a questionnaire to mentors and mentees to help gauge where things are in terms of the program as a whole, their individual matches, and personally.

I am always brainstorming and visualizing how things may look next year.  We have a few students graduating, and the school schedule at the high school is going to shift which will inevitably bring changes to the program.  I continue to pray over the matches we have, those that will continue, and those that will end.  My hope is to see new matches in the new school year, and I continue to trust that each student who has a desire to meet with a mentor will have that need met.


·       Nine matches are now meeting regularly

·       End of Year boat cruise- May 20th

·       Mentee interviews- May 9th-15th

·       Mentee/ mentor questionnaire will be sent out in May

·       Last weeks for matches set between May 23rd – June 3rd

·       Last coordinator meeting set for mid- June

·       Planning for next year!