Ferndale High School – June 2022 End of year – Coordinator Report

Stories/Quotes to share:

“At one of our meetings, I could tell that my student was having a really rough day.  They’re usually so happy, it was obvious that something was wrong.  We talked it out, discussed what could be done to help smooth out the situation, and after our hour together my student was all smiles again.” BTO Mentor 

“I feel connected to my mentor. I don’t really get that with other people” – BTO Junior

“When I meet with my mentor I get to destress and talk about everything on my mind.” – BTO Senior

“I don’t know what I’d do without her!” BTO Mentee

“I like how she resolves her problems. She figures it out on her own.” – BTO mentor

Mentoring Update:

  • Ended year with 30 Active Mentor Matches
  • 360 Hours of Mentoring
  • 5 Seniors graduated (All 5 want to continue relationship with mentor)

Adopt a Be the One Senior

·         4 out of 5 of our Be the One Seniors participated

·         The seniors received messages of congratulations and care packages between May 16-June 10th (graduation day!)

·         Civic Groups were invited to adopt a Senior this year

o   Ferndale Kiwanis organized and delivered 5 care packages!

o   A Ferndale women’s small group organized and delivered 6 care packages!

o   Ferndale Haggen Pharmacy delivered 1 care package!

o   In total civic groups adopted 3 out of 4 of our seniors, we could not have done this without them!

·         Idea was proposed by a BTO Mentor based on the “Adopt a High School Student” Facebook page in Spring 2020.

Mentor/Mentee Survey Results

·         16 out of 30 Mentee responses

·         18 out of 30 Mentor responses

Quotes from Survey:

“She helped me re-motivate to work hard to catch back up in school after I felt behind” – BTO Senior

“My friend recently passed and I bottled everything up. Being able to talk to my mentor about it really helped me out by allowing me to express how I felt with someone I trust.” BTO Junior

“When I needed someone to give me advice, she listened to my frustrations and gave good solutions.” – BTO Junior

“She helped me build more social confidence in myself” – BTO Freshman

“This is a wonderful program; making a true difference for our young adults and our community.” BTO Mentor

Challenges for 2021-22

“Young” Program

·         Many pairs are new to BTO (Started within the last year or so)

o   9/30 pairs started before the school closure due to Pandemic (March 2020)

o   No new matches made from March 2020 – April 2021

o   21 pairs started after April 1st 2021

§  Students returned to in-person learning February 2021

Anecdotally, the coordinators noticed that mentors and students needed more support (answering questions, attending to situations, etc.) than in past years. The relationships are also in the beginning stages which creates challenges for mentor coordinators to share inspiring stories or quotes.

Transitioning to 2 coordinators

·         Quickly established systems for efficient communication between coordinators

·         On-the-Job training for leave replacement (minimal formal training provided)

Considerations for Fall 2023

·         BTO Coordinators – Job Share

o   Annie Anderson and Michele Barmore

§  Annie works Mondays & Tuesdays

§  Michele works Thursdays & Fridays

§  No coordinator works on Wednesdays

·         Roll out Updated Mentor-Mentee Contract

o   Addresses cell-phone conduct, missed meetings protocols, etc.

·         Adding Games, Puzzles, Crafts etc.for mentor/mentee accesss

·         Off-Campus Meetings for Running Start Students

o   Alternative forms of education are becoming more popular amongst FHS students (Ferndale Virtual Academy (fully online) & Running Start)

o   Proposing an off-campus meeting arrangement – at WCC or public establishment

o   Requirements to participate

§  Must be pre-existing mentor-mentee pair

§  Signed Permission slip

§  Signed Mentor-Student contract

·         Covid-19 Considerations

BTO will follow school and health department guidelines surrounding Covid procedures