Lynden Middle School – June 2022 End of year – Coordinator Report

Statistics for the 2021-2022 School Year

41 active matches at the end of the school year (the most we have ever had).

We started the year with 8 matches, and we had 33 new matches made this school year.

At the Middle School this year we had 640 mentoring hours of pairs meeting together.


Despite all the COVID mandates for masks and vaccinations, our mentors did well.  It was a very successful year with massive growth.

More students sought out mentoring this year than ever before.  Usually, we have 2 or 3 students come in seeking a mentor, but that number jumped up to over 20.  Students are now recruiting their friends.  Students at the middle school are understanding that the mentoring program is a huge benefit.

With depression, anxiety, and self-harm on the rise, students are in greater need of extra support.  Our mentors stepped up in big ways this year to help students cope with such a difficult time.  Many students shared deep struggles they were having, and the mentors were there to listen non-judgmentally.

We tried something new this year.  We called it the “Vibe Squad” and it seemed successful.  Mentors in our program would come and hang out with students at lunch.  The students responded well.


We continue to see the impact of COVID on student attendance and well-being. The long-term impacts of the past two years will continue.

Many students and mentors have expressed the desire to meet over the summer or meet for a longer period of time. In terms of mental health support, we might want to discuss this with the district in the future.

We have need for more Spanish speaking mentors (specifically asked by students).

We have a need for more mentors in general.  All year we matched mentors as soon as they came into our program.

Covid disrupted our on-going mentor training that we offer throughout the school year. Plan to offer 4 on-going trainings in 2022-23 using topics from mentor surveys.

We were not able to finish out Policy and Procedure Manual for the program


These quotes were collected from out online student surveys and end-of-the-year interviews:

“It feels good to know that someone cares.”

“Before mentoring, I got in trouble every single day.  Not so much anymore.”

“My mentor helps me take my mind off stressful things at school and home.”

“My mentor is helping me build my self-confidence.  She tells me to NEVER give up on anything.”

“Usually, I keep my feelings and emotions hidden, but talking to someone really helps.”

“It’s nice to talk to someone older than me without being judged.”

“Mentoring helps me when I am stressed.  Anyone having a hard time should get a mentor.”

“Since I started meeting with my mentor, I am less shy and much happier.”

“My mentor feels like a sister to me.  I can talk to her about anything.”

“I have experienced self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and insecurities this year, but my mentor has helped me overcome all of those things.  Now I am happier and am taking care of myself.”

“My mentor modeled for me how to talk to others, and it has made me more confident.”

“I can talk to her about the things happening in my life.  She is so trustworthy.  In fact, she is the only person I can trust to talk with, including my family.”

“I was hoping to have someone to help me out and have some fun.  I got exactly what I hoped for.”

“I like how my mentor is kind to me.  He’s a relatable guy and is always willing to listen.”

“Mentoring gives me a chance to take a breather.  It makes my day better.”

“When I have faced some difficult kids or situations in school, she helped me cope.”

“I want to thank my mentor for helping me talk to other people more.”

“Mentoring helps me get things out.  It can be hard to find people to talk to, but I can talk with my mentor.  She listens to me.”

“My mentor is good at processing things with me.  I like it when she asks me deeper questions.”

“My mentor is someone I want to be like when I get older.  Her kindness inspires me to be kind.”

“At the beginning of the year I had really bad anxiety, insecurities, and very few friends.  Having a mentor has helped me a lot.  Now I have more friends and I feel more courageous and less insecure.”


These quotes came from our 2022 Middle School Mentor survey:

I think I am more blessed by being a mentor just knowing maybe in the tiniest ways I can make a difference in someone’s life

This program is very important. These students need someone to listen and not judge. Just encourage and love them.

I love mentoring my gal because we’ve both learned so much from each other. It’s such an amazing experience to be there for a young woman, to be her sounding board, friend, art buddy.

When she was having trouble at home with her parents. She really opened up to me about how she was feeling

I want the kids to feel important and help them become caring successful adults.

I enjoy teenagers and I know these years can be difficult. Also, they can be very exciting. I want to support them through the ups and downs. It’s so important to have someone who believes in you no matter what.

She shared with me something personal that she was unsure of how I would respond. I responded in a way that made her smile.

I grew up in a family with people that had addiction issues, and not great parents.  I just want to be a stable influence. Someone they can count on to be there when they say they will.

On one occasion, I share a certain situation with my mentee and asked him to be my “mentor.”  I needed a student’s perspective because I have grandchildren.  This has been a turning point in our relationship.  He now knows that someone takes his advice.

What motivates me is making a difference in my mentee’s life and being someone he can rely on for advice and questions.

I enjoy seeing growth in my mentee. Growth in communication. Growth in confidence. Growth in communicating with adults. Growth in self advocating.

I really feel like I have the best kid there is. I look forward to spending time with him. He can really make me laugh. I hope he gets as much out of our time as I do!

I’m making a positive impact on a young person’s life by being consistent and showing up every week with a smile, and some encouraging words.

My student taught me to draw a person and to use watercolors!

There were times my mentee shared some really difficult situations with me to the point of tears. I was glad I was there to listen and provide support.

I like the idea of being an additional resource/source of support for a kid who needs it

Putting the student in the role of teacher, and having him teach me how to do something boosted his confidence

My mentee talking was never a problem, so it was a wonderfully engaging and learning experience, certainly for me, but I think on both sides.

My mentee often likes to tease me to make me laugh.

It’s fun to get to know my girl, and hopefully give her something to look forward to as much as I do.

When my student was going through difficult stuff at home he shared right away. It wasn’t the advice I could give, but the fact that he knew he I could listen.

I enjoy being able to fill a need in a child’s life and being able to have a safe place for them to share their hearts.

I highly recommend the Be The One program to any willing adult! It’s an incredible chance to make an impact in a students’ life.

It’s been a tremendous year!  Thank you to all involved.