Coordinator Report – Ferndale High School

April 2021 Stories to share: Connected through Language A mentor who is a retiring English Language Instructor at a local community college eagerly joined the mentor pool this year! She teaches English to level one learners who are exchange students from Asian countries. Originally, we did not have a student that fit that description, so … Read more

Ferndale High School – November 2020

Stories to share: Reunited and it feels so good! Right when we were approved to conduct in-person meetings off-campus, the new restrictions prohibited indoor meetings. I asked all the qualifying students if they wanted to meet outdoors at Hovander park, or wait until we could meet indoors again. One student said they wanted to meet … Read more

Ferndale High School – September 2020

Stories to share: There are many mixed emotions about remote learning this Fall. Some students are enjoying the newly-created structure that the online platforms provide and are finding success. Others are saying they learn better at school and are struggling to learn in such a different way. Some are taking advanced classes, in charge of … Read more

Ferndale High School – May 2020

May 2020  Stories to share: There is a student who tends to withdraw and can blend in with her surroundings to the extent she is almost invisible. One time, I popped my head into her classroom to talk to her, but she was not there. I was about to leave, but the teacher pointed to … Read more

Ferndale High School – April 2020

April 2020 Stories to share:  When I was creating my goals for April, I wanted to focus my energy on reuniting our mentors and mentees. I set a lofty goal: 80%-100% of mentors and mentees are connected and communicating weekly. I did not expect the variance in student and mentor situations. Many students left their … Read more