Ferndale High School – December 2020

Stories to share:

Now I know!

I still have not connected with a couple students yet. It is a hard place to be when you don’t know why they aren’t responding to your emails or why you cannot reach the family by phone. Your mind tends to think of the worst-case scenario. This month, I sent an email out asking how a student was doing and how remote learning was going. He responded back instantly! He told me he hated online school. When I asked him if he wanted to Zoom w/his mentor, he said he didn’t want to because he only needed a mentor to help with his social anxiety while physically at school. I realized he had not previously emailed me back because I was always talking about his mentor. When I focused on him and kept it casual, he responded quickly. Now, I know that he is engaging in remote learning (even though he does not like it) and wants to see his mentor when he is back at school. No longer do I need to assume or imagine how he is doing!

 FHS Reopening Information:

  • Late October we moved to Stage 3 for reopening. See link: https://www.ferndalesd.org/reopening-plan/learning-model-status
  • The majority of students will work remotely until end of January (end of first Semester)
  • Students in life skills, a behavior program or in ELL continue to go to campus two days a week
  • Research is stating that Washington schools that follow health/safety guidelines are not transmitting Covid to other students. Governor Inslee and State Superintendent Chris Rykdal are stating the benefits of moving towards in-person schooling. Research is showing negative effects of remote learning in regards to low student engagement and negative mental health effects.
  • In-person learning is predicted to begin at the secondary level after January 2021. The Ferndale School District is aims to share their re-opening plan by the end of January.


TextBridge – Secure Texting for Mentors and Students

  • Piloting program for up to 5 students and their mentor
    • No contact info is exchanged
    • Texting between the hours of 7am-8pm
    • All messages are logged in a database
  • Offering this service to Seniors first, to increase likelihood of correspondence post-highschool
  • 3 matches are currently using this tool at FHS


Meeting in Person

  • Off-Campus, In-person meetings proposal was approved on Tuesday October 27th. Due to the new restrictions, in-person meetings can only take place outdoors in a public location. All other qualifying mentors/students opted to wait until indoor meetings resume.


Program Development


  • No new matches at FHS in December. Will begin new matches when students are on campus and volunteers are allowed in the building.
  • Held New Mentor Orientation via Zoom, 1 person attended and interested in being a Mentor at FHS
  • Planning a Mentor Equipping – January 13th 2:00pm
    • Student Panel, sharing about their experiences on remote learning & mentorship
  • Mentor Coordinators are checking in with each other and collaborating on a regular basis.