Lynden Middle School, December 2020

Program Update

The month of December was very encouraging despite the year we have all had!  Students and mentors have been meeting more in-person lately and this is really good for the mentoring relationships.  Looking ahead to January the hope is possibly making more matches for students in need.

Stories to Share

Holiday Movie

One pair got creative and wanted to watch a holiday movie.  The two picked a movie and I found a way to set them up in an unused classroom.  They had a great time together (socially distanced and wearing masks) and the mentor even brought popcorn!  A very creative way to hang out together. 

Finding Help Once Again

A student in our program was matched with a mentor in the past but had to move away last year.  After she left, I matched the mentor with another student, and they have been doing well together.  Well, the student moved back into our district this year and told me she wanted a mentor again.  I was not able to match her with her former mentor but found a new one that fit with her well.  It came at the right time.  The girl has been going through some hard times and needed someone to talk to.

Holiday Surprise

One mentor received some donations from her church to give to her mentee’s family.  The family came to the schools parking lot and received the gifts from the mentor.  They were all very excited.  I enjoy watching the kindness and compassion of our mentors each and every week.

 Mentoring Update by the Numbers at LMS:

  • 21 active matches at the middle school
  • 1 new match made this month
  • 1 match ended this month (the mentor is moving away)
  • 60 hours of mentoring IN-PERSON this school year
  • 45 hours of mentoring on ZOOM this school year

Program Development/Evaluation

  • Continuing the program with some ZOOM calls and more in-person meetings each week.
  • Lisa and I have paused on our work with the Policy and Procedure Manual for now, but we might start back up in January.