Nooksack Valley Middle and High School, December 2020

Stories & snippets – During December (most) students continued with virtual learning. As we look to January we are hoping for a soon (modified) return to campus for most students.

  • New matching continues. By word-of-mouth we continue to connect with potential new mentors.
  • Virtual (ZOOM) mentoring continues to provide new opportunities. Distance, health concerns and life transitions have all resulted in situations which would have been the end of the mentoring relationship in our previous mode of operation. Now a number relationships are thriving.

December focus:

  • Supporting students and mentors who are meeting primarily via video/ZOOM.
  • Beginning new matches.
  • Working with area coordinators to support our programs and plan for our January mentor training.

 Looking ahead:

  • Supporting mentoring amid current realities.
  • Working with area coordinators to strengthen current programs and continue to explore new ideas and opportunities.
  • Planning for the return to campus for (most) students.