Angie & Casey 

Mentoring began in 8th grade, 2021 and ended in 9th grade 2022 

Angie, an 8th grader, and Casey began meeting virtually in March of 2021. While Angie was willing to be a part of a match, she had some unusual boundaries. The coordinator explained the situation and Casey was willing to go forward, respecting Angie’s requests.  

The reality was that all meetings would be virtual, and this helped meet Angie’s expectations. It was also helpful in that the mentor lived far enough away that they would not have been able to make weekly trips to campus. The weekly meeting would play out with Casey playing music and talking about their interests. Angie would join the conversation via chat. Angie was unwilling to activate their camera or speak verbally.  

The relations represented the times. A rocky mix of meeting and not meeting because of health and attendance concerns. The match made a fragile transition to high school but by the start of 2022 it was finished.  

Casey’s faithfulness and willingness to try new ways of connecting with students was an inspiration and learning opportunity.