Nan & 3 mentors

3 mentors over the course of Middle School, current relationship began March 2022 

In 6th grade Nan was excited to be matched with a mentor. She matched with Ella in October 2019, and they began a great friendship. In January 2020 Ella informed the coordinator that they were moving out of the area. Nan was saddened by this quick end. 

Fortunately, we soon connected Nan with another mentor. Unfortunately, Covid hit the same month. Following was two years of shifting schedules and systems for mentoring connections. Eventually the connection ended.  

When Nan returned to school in the fall of 2021, as an 8th grader, she regularly asked the mentor coordinator if she could have a new mentor. The problem was that while students were back volunteers were not yet allowed on campus.  

The year drug on and Nan kept asking. In late winter, the coordinator got the word that volunteers could return to campus. During the wait a new mentor, Kathy, applied, cleared, and completed orientation and training. The coordinator believed this could be a great match and made the initial connections. Within two months Nan and Kathy had played numerous games, teaching each other a few new ones and built a positive friendship. Nan says, “I always look forward to mentoring day. It is so fun.”  

Nan speaks of how Kathy has helped her begin to plan toward the career choice she has been nurturing since 5th grade. They have discussed continuing the mentoring relationship next year as Nan transitions to high school. Both are willing and hopeful that their relationship will continue in this coming time of another significant transition. 

When asked about Kathy, Nan said, “She’s super nice and gives the best advice. I would like to be her when I grow up. She is the kindest person in the world.”