Nooksack Valley Schools – May 2022- Coordinator Report

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School  

Be The One Coordinator Report 

May 2022 

Stories & snippets  

  • Each Monday Eddie, a 6th grader, stops by my office on the way to his first class and says, “Mentoring today at 1 pm with Jose. Right?” He knows the rhythm and is saving me having to find him after the day has begun.  
  • Nina, an 8th grader, has been through some shifts with mentoring. In 6th grade she had a mentor, and she loved having a mentor. The relationship was deeply impacted by the pandemic, eventually ending. As we returned to school this year, she frequently asked if she was going to get a new mentor. When we finally opened for mentors to return to campus, I had a match in mind. Diane was newly trained and ready to match. Last week Diane told me of the following conversation.  

Nina Can you be my mentor next year at high school?

Diane If you want me to, yes. 

Nina I was afraid this might be the end. 

But it looks like it is more of a beginning with a long future ahead. 

May focus:  

  • Supporting matches 
  • Identifying a new mentor coordinator (for NVHS) 
  • Coordinating year end activities and responsibilities

Looking ahead: 

  • Wrap-up 2021-2022 
  • Prep for next year 
  • Supporting new BTO coordinator