Joe and Mitch

Began March 2021 – 12th grade 

Joe was a junior and school was in year two of pandemic crisis. Joe’s girlfriend had a BTO mentor, and she encouraged him to get one, too. In the Spring of 2021 Joe began meeting with Mitch. They went through times of virtual meetings and occasionally being together at school. As Covid crawled on they pressed on. Finally in the winter of ‘22 things were settling down. They began meeting on campus again. And somewhat suddenly Joe’s girlfriend and her family moved across the country. 

Joe says that meeting with Mitch was life changing. He was formerly quiet and reserved. He had few friends and was rarely involved in activities. Mentoring helped Joe build confidence. He felt a release of stress after each meeting. With the support of Mitch, he completed his senior project and got a much better grade than expected. Joe wants to own his own business and help his parents have a better life. Mentoring has helped him clarify these goals and begin to set plans for his future.