Albert and Don

Mentoring began in 6th grade, March 2022 

Albert arrived at middle school in the fall of 2021. He and his class were part of a wave of students who entered middle school after almost two years of erratic school and cultural realities. In late winter 2022 mentors were brought back on campus. The coordinator got word from another coordinator that they had a mentor, Don, wanting to connect with a Nooksack Valley student.  

Soon Don joined mentoring and was matched with Albert. Albert was enthusiastic and connected frequently with the coordinator during the week.  

Mentoring took Albert out of music class. Their teacher was concerned that Albert showed little focus after mentoring times. In conversation with Albert, Don, and the coordinator it was clarified that mentoring is a privilege and participating in class was the priority. Albert responded positively. The teacher soon commented on Albert’s change in attitude and participation. 

Albert loves his weekly times of games, sports, and other activities. Mentoring helps him because as he says, “I have a lot of energy.” 

If Albert could make a change to the mentoring program, he would have mentoring three times a week.