Mentoring is a multi-year “walk-a-long”

A BTO mentoring relationship with a student is designed with the possibility of a multi-year “walk-a-long” as a student transitions through many stages of their LIFE READY journey.

There are 5 basic human needs listed in the book
Love and Logic Magic for Lasting Relationships that are worth remembering:

We all want to be heard
We all want others to learn about us
We all want others to understand us
We all want our message to be validated
We all want others to be influenced by our message

Mentoring is a proven, effective way for adults to help meet these five basic human needs.

A mentoring relationship is a means to practice the give and take in a relationship!

For example…

  • Mentors model how to be a good listener so that the student feels heard.
  • Mentors learn about their student and allow their student to learn about them.
  • A mentor demonstrates understanding to their student even if they do not agree with the student.
  • A mentor validates that the student has a message worthy of being heard. When we listen for the message of the other person, they feel validated as a person of worth even if we don’t agree about a topic.
  • A mentor is influenced by a student’s message and responds with kindness.

In one hour each week, a mentor provides a sanctuary/respite where a student feels completely accepted as they are in that moment and, through encouragement, stimulates resiliency and personal growth. A mentor’s message demonstrates high regard for a student, which in turn raises hope in every area of a student’s life.

Which relationships in your life could benefit from applying these principles?