January 2023 Mentor Coordinator Reports

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Ferndale High School

Ferndale High School 

Meeting a Be the One mentee for the first time can be nerve-wracking for a new mentor. The mentor coordinator always checks in with the mentor and student separately after their first meeting together. Normally the students give generic responses, but this student had more to say: “Our meeting was perfect because we were both calm and curious about each other.” The mentor said the student was very open and talked about many details in their life. Needless to say, the mentor and student wanted to continue meeting! 

Looking Back (January) – Recruiting, Training and Matching new mentors and Students & unpacking and setting up new FHS building. Upcoming Activity of the Month: New Year’s Reflection! 

Looking Ahead (February) – Recruiting, Training and Matching new mentors and Students & (still) unpacking and setting up new FHS building. Coordinating and attending BTO promo events. Upcoming Activity of the Month: Friendship Bracelets 

Total: 29 Mentoring Pairs (1 more than last month) 

Activity of the Month: New Year Reflection 

Mentors and students reflected on the year by asking each other questions. Some wrote their answers down, some just chatted informally.  

“This was a really great activity because my student has been really down lately, but once they started reflecting on the last year they realized it had been a better year than they had been feeling it had been!” – FHS Mentor 

Program Development 

2 Part-time BTO Coordinators at FHS – Annie Anderson works Mondays and Tuesdays. Michele Barmore works Thursdays and Fridays. No on-site Mentor Coordinator Wednesdays. 

New BTO Office moved to the Learning Commons (Library) Rm 216D 

Second Semester begins January 31st. BTO meetings will restart the week of February 13th. 

BTO New Mentor Orientation – Tues January 24th @ Ferndale Public Library – 6 people attended 

First Federal Bank in Ferndale chose Be the One to be the recipient of a 2,500 dollar donation! Mentors and BTO Alum are invited to attend a promotional event on Friday, February 3rd from 9:30-10am at First Fed Bank in Ferndale. 

FSD Communications team will be creating a video promo for BTO Ferndale on February 16th. Students will be interviewed. 

Mentor Coordinators check in with each other and collaborate on a regular basis.

Lynden Middle School

Lynden Middle School 

Stories to Share by Brian Clemmer
One mentor went the extra mile for her mentee’s family. The mentee’s father ended up in the hospital and the family was constantly visiting him there. The mentor found out about the situation and asked how she could help. One thing mentioned was providing food for the family during visiting hours at the hospital. The mentor stepped up and traveled to Bellingham to deliver a meal to the family. This was way above and beyond the mentor’s responsibility, but was kind enough to do it.

One mentor makes a point to always bring their student something back from a vacation. You wouldn’t think this was a big deal, but the look on the face of the student says it all. The student is super appreciative that someone was willing to purchase something for them personally. A small gesture can have a huge impact.

Another mentor came in excited to talk about their student. They have seen so much progress and growth over the years. They are really proud of the way the mentee is growing. Despite not have a supportive home life. The mentor then explained that she was, “an adoptive grandma for life.” The mentor is adamant that she will be a supportive part of the girl’s life even once the girl graduates.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS
• 35 active matches at the middle school
• 2 new kids were matched in the month of January
• 8 Students on our wait list, waiting for a mentor
• 20 potential students interested or referred to the program
• 404 hours of mentoring so far this school year

Program Update by Stacey Martin
It has been exciting to step into Brian’s coordinator role and get a new perspective on a job I typically do at Lynden Christian. Before starting his 6th grade student teaching role on January 17, Brian managed to match two more students with a mentor, train me to fill in for him, and make sure all the mentors and mentee’s felt comfortable with the shifting roles. Brian’s communication and care for this program at Lynden Middle School and especially his matches are evident. The staff has been understanding and inviting to me, the mentors are consistent through the changes, and it is exciting getting to know a new group of students. Going from my growing program of seven matches at LC to 35 at LMS seemed a bit daunting, but the warmth of everyone I have encountered, the small-town connections, and the organization that Brian laid out has made the transition seamless. I continue to look forward to each new day at LMS!

Upcoming by Stacey Martin
• Mentor Equipping Sessions on February 13th and 14th
• New Mentor Orientation on February 16th
• Continuing to get to know students and mentors- putting faces to names on the calendar
• Meeting/ interviewing potential students
• Calling mentors who may be interested in starting again
• Learning the layout of the school
• Renewing mentor applications
• Finding rhythm in the changes

Lynden High School

Lynden High School 

Stories to share:

Will You Be My Mentor?

In 10 years of working in the mentoring program, this was a first.  I received an email from an adult in our district which included a heartfelt request from a student who said, “Will you by my Mentor?”  I talked with the adult, the student, the parents, and the school counselor.  Everyone agreed this student could benefit from a mentor, so we formalized their already existing relationship through BTO and set up a weekly meeting time.  I’m looking forward to supporting both parties through the program.  Naturally occurring mentoring relationships are the best:  generally long-lasting and meaningful with positive outcomes.

Mentor Recruited through Toastmasters:  In December, one of our mentors contacted me and invited me to attend a Lynden Toastmasters meeting on an early Friday morning.  She planned to speak about her experiences with BTO, let members know about the program, and issue a call to action for people to get involved.  It was a small group attending, so I wasn’t sure if there would be much response.  At our January orientation, I had the pleasure of meeting a potential new mentor who heard the Toastmaster presentation that day.  We always need male mentors, so I was thrilled to have a new volunteer in his early 30’s who wants to give back to a young person.  I have 2 freshman boys on my waitlist, and I’m so excited to hopefully match him with one of these young men.  Thanks to Mentor Molly Smith for the marketing help!

Can I Take My Mentor With Me?  A sophomore student is moving to Blaine at the end of the semester.  He met his mentor last year and they have developed a close relationship.  We don’t have a BTO program in Blaine (yet), but it just so happens that the mentor lives in Blaine and really wanted to stay in touch as well.  I was able to work with the parent to facilitate exchange of information so they can make future plans after the move.  Moving to a new town and changing schools is tough—I’m so glad this student can keep going with his mentor.

Highlights of this month:

·         50 active matches; 4 students on waitlist

·         Making a new match for a student who has been waiting since October—Hooray!

·         Saturday School on Jan. 7th well attended

·         January 19—New Mentor Orientation

·         Updated 10 years of Mentor Records for mentor recognition this spring


·         Mentor Equipping—Feb. 13/14—“Hiding in Plain Sight” mental health focus

·         February 11th—BTO 10th year Anniversary Celebration for partners and donors

·         Saturday School:  February 25th

·         Semester 2 starts Jan. 30threworking student and mentor schedules

·         March 18—Teaching YMHFA Course for LC staff

Lynden Christian High School

Lynden Christian High School 

In January I was able to go talk to the bus drivers at LC! My intent was two-fold. On one hand bus
drivers make great mentors, and I will take all the mentors I can get! The second reason was to
again affirm to our bus drivers that they are on the front lines when it comes to students- they can
see when a kid is bubbly or withdrawn, they observe changes day to day that maybe others might
miss, and they notice the kid who might just need an extra person in their life to lend support. As
we look for kids who would benefit from a mentor it is important to tap into all the different
supports that are already in their lives for insight.

Seven students are meeting with their mentors on a regular basis at LC mostly utilizing plus time
on Thursday afternoons. I have two girls on my waiting list, and several boys interested in having
a mentor. I am hoping a few people sign up for orientation this month so we can make some more

For those who don’t know, I recently took on a new role. The Lynden Middle School coordinator,
Brian Clemmer, is finishing up his Master’s degree by completing his student teaching from
January- April. I was able to step in as a sub coordinator at LMS while he is in the classroom. It
has been fulfilling and exciting to be able to work with BTO in this capacity. The reception at LMS
is warm, the kids (all 35 of them) are eager to meet with their mentors every week, Brian has
worked hard to develop a culture of genuine care and it shows, and his organization made stepping
into this role seamless. I am enjoying this new venture, and learning a lot that I an integrate into
the BTO program at LC as well.

MENTORS! Every BTO program at every single school needs male and female mentors, and LC
is no exception. We have numerous middle and high school students in Whatcom County who are
struggling, who need that one person to come spend one hour a week with them. It may sound
daunting, but it is doable, and necessary for the health of our community as a whole. If you know
someone who would be a good mentor please tell them about Be The One or send me a
recommendation and I will reach out to them. Too many people think “I’m not needed or someone
else will take care of that need,” but the truth is anyone who is available and willing is needed. We
have a New Mentor Orientation/ Information Session scheduled for February 16 at Lynden Middle
School, and I would encourage each one of you reading this to encourage at least one person to
attend orientation this month.

• Mentor Equipping Sessions on February 13th (6:00-8:30pm) and 14th (9:00-10:30am)
• New Mentor Orientation on February 16th (9:00-11:00am)
• I am continuing to meet with students who expressed interest in having a mentor.

Nooksack Valley High School

Nooksack Valley High School 

WINTER WINS: 16 students are meeting with mentors! It has been a busy month with 12 students meeting their mentor for the first time!!

-Spotting our posters in community locations  (see photo on the right below)

-I got these silly letter “pop open motivational quotes” and the girls at the high school have been loving stopping by my office to grab one (see photo on the left below)

-Coordinating NVHS’s Career Day in March, which includes some of our mentors!


-Presenting to Everson’s Lions Club in February

-Setting up a table at 8th “scheduling night” at the high school

-Continuing to be seen by students, staff, parents and community members on campus and school events

-Needing more mentors! Specifically, women who are willing to meet with students who are “rough around the edges” or have moved here from other places.

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