Blake and Chad’s Story

Blake was a quiet middle schooler who had a few friends, but never really stood out. He was a bit shy and withdrawn. After hearing about Be The One from a friend, he was curious. He liked the idea of connecting with a guy by talking and playing games, and was convinced this was the … Read more

Fundraisers to Support Lynden & Whatcom County Families

We know that it will be a challenging time for many. One of the amazing things about our community is our generosity and desire to help others, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to contribute. The following are ways you can help others in these coming weeks: The Lynden Adopt-A-Family Fundraiser is collecting money … Read more

Gina and Janelle’s Story

Gina heard about Be the One from her older sister and requested a mentor in middle school. At the time, she was “looking for someone to talk to, a friend I could talk to about anything without a bunch of drama.” She and Janelle developed a close relationship over the next three years, and Gina … Read more

BTO Snapshot for November 2021

You are making a difference. Because of you, Be The One continues to keep students and mentors connected through these challenging times. “The mentoring program has been such a blessing to my daughter with everything she has been through the past couple of years. It has worked out better than I ever could have imagined…” … Read more

She’s a good friend to me, and a good listener.

Tracy and Lissa’s Story: Currently a sophomore, Tracy met Lissa back in middle school when she was hoping for someone to talk to “who would listen and not get mad about everything.” Life has been challenging lately, and this year has been especially difficult for Tracy with the pandemic. She has had conflicts with peers, … Read more

Be the One Snapshot – October 2021

Local Funding annual full-time program budget per school $62,000 community donations cover school Mentor Coordinators salaries and all program costs donations from individuals, businesses and civic groups create program sustainability Positive Impact Students and mentors alike were excited to see each other. “I have so much to tell [my mentor]. I can’t wait to see her … Read more

Having a mentor is like having a best friend

Kaleb and Cal’s Story: During 7th grade, Kaleb saw other kids meeting with mentors and asked about what they were doing. When he heard that he could request his own mentor, he thought: “I can have my own personal friend. This is exactly what I need.” Soon after, he met Cal, and liked him right … Read more