September 2022 Mentor Coordinator Reports

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Ferndale High School

Ferndale High School 

Stories to share: 

Some students come to us looking for a very specific mentor characteristics or life experiences. These students tend to wait a long time. FHS BTO had 3 students on the wait list from last year that still needed a mentor…we matched all 3! One has already met and signed their contract (they’re official!). Another student is scheduled to meet his mentor in October, and the third student will meet his mentor once his mentor is trained up! 

The momentum at Ferndale School District is palpable. The High School will be “move-in ready” in January, our new Superintendent is inspiring the staff and Ferndale community, and mentors and students are interested in BTO like the pre-covid days. We are off to a great start! 

“I saw the note and dropped my things and ran here!” -BTO student who found out her mentor was coming for the first time this year. 

BTO Engagement: 

Total: 21 Mentoring Pairs (20 returning, 1 new) 

September Emphasis – Reconnecting returning mentors/students & establishing new systems based on Mentor/Student Feedback from 2021-22 school year 

October Emphasis – Recruiting, Training and Matching new mentors and Students & rolling out new “Mentor Code of Conduct” and “Mentor-Mentee Agreement” 

Program Development 

2 Part-time BTO Coordinators at FHS – Annie Anderson works Mondays and Tuesdays. Michele Barmore works Thursdays and Fridays. No on-site Mentor Coordinator Wednesdays. 

All returning mentors/students (20 Mentoring Pairs) are on the schedule and all but 1 pair have started meeting 

Updated Systems:  

  • New Mentor Code of Conduct form – Mentors will sign document in October 
  • Updated Mentor-Mentee Agreement – Mentor and their mentee will sign the updated form in October 
  • New Absence policy established – Mentor Coordinator will check-in at certain times based on mentor or mentee absences. 
  • Updated TextBridge Permission Slip 
  • New Games/Activities available for Mentors/Students

Back to School Night – BTO Table at FHS – 3 adult mentor interest, 1 application turned in & 1 student self-referral – Thursday, Sept 22 (See Photo) 

1 new match this month (We focused on current matches) & 3 scheduled to begin in October 

2 BTO New Mentor Orientation Scheduled – Tues October 4th & Fri October 21st @ Ferndale Public Library – 9 people already RSVP’d 

Mentor Coordinator Meeting – Michele Attended – Tues, Sept 27th 

Mentor Coordinators check in with each other and collaborate on a regular basis. 

Lynden Middle School

Lynden Middle School 

Stories to Share

Back from a Long Summer Break

Our returning program mentors and students have once again been reunited!  We had 19 mentoring pairs continue from last year, and they could not wait to see each other.  There were high-fives, hugs, and smiles across the board.  Students were eager to tell their mentors about all the things that happened over the summer, both good and bad.  Reuniting these pairs is such a joy.  It reminds me of friends who have not seen each other in quite some time.

Rapid Growth

The mentoring program at the middle school keeps growing and growing!  Already this year, I have had 12 students come and ask for a mentor.  Students are finding value in the program and inviting their friends to join.  As students understand what the program is all about, they are realizing how valuable having an adult friend can be.  It will be exciting to see where this program goes throughout the year.

Wait…I Want to Join Too

One girl came to my office to join BE THE ONE.  She didn’t want to come alone, so she brought her friend for moral support.  As I was explaining the program, the friend perked up and listened intently.  After I was done, the friend looked at me and said, “Wait…I want to join too!”  The next day, the friend turned in her permission form.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS

  • 24 active matches at the middle school
  • 5 new matches were made in the month of September
  • 7 Students on our wait list, waiting for a mentor
  • 22 potential students interested or referred to the program
  • 60 hours of mentoring so far this school year

Program Update

Recruiting and Training New Mentors: We had a great turnout for two full New Mentor Orientations, with some special guests.  We had 4 mentors share, one student, and the new principal at Lynden Middle School.  Now, Lisa and I are working to get these new volunteers processed and matched as soon as we can.

Working with Other County Coordinators: Our goal is to meet monthly and plan some mentor trainings throughout the year, giving our volunteers some additional training and help in their mentoring experience.

Lynden High School

Lynden High School 

Stories to share:

Squeals of “It’s so good to see you!”  along with “I missed you so much” and “Look how tall you are!”  Students and mentors shared their excitement in reconnecting this month at LHS after not having much contact over the summer.  It’s wonderful to see the joy expressed at these meetings, and especially fun to see the incoming 9th graders with mentors.  Starting high school is a big change, and many nervous students appreciated their mentors making the transition with them.

One mentor and student worked on a project together that started last spring and culminated this fall.  He and his mentor love hanging out at the barn together, and learned that some students keep animals at school to raise through FFA. The mentor encouraged him to research what was involved by talking to the program advisor and completing the necessary paperwork.  The student committed to raising a lamb and signed up for summer barn shifts.  Sometimes the mentor was able to meet him at the barn and they worked together.  In August, the student spent a week at the fair, showing his animal and selling it for a tidy profit!  His mentor was able to see the whole process and celebrate with him. It was a great learning experience for both!

Last week a mentor shared an update about catching up with a student he mentored a few years ago.  This student really struggled to get through school and had many challenges.  The mentor happily shared that he was doing well, had a full-time job, and was training to complete in mixed martial arts on the side.  We always love to hear those updates!

Focus this month:

  • Reconnecting existing matches (42)
  • Informational table at Back to School Night Sept. 13
  • Recruiting and Training New Mentors:  We had a wonderful turn out for September orientations Currently interviewing and on-boarding these new mentors.
  • Working to match waitlist and new students
  • Advertising for new students who want mentors
  • Planning with other program coordinators for the year:  We plan to offer on-going equipping sessions on relevant topics for mentors, and are setting up topics and speakers now
  • Supporting other BTO programs:  training new mentor coordinator at Nooksack


  • LHS College and Career Fair Oct. 6th—will set up a BTO display table
  • Teaching YMHFA to LC staff on Oct. 7th (with Brian)
  • Saturday School on Oct. 15th (PFS/BTO providing breakfast)
  • Continuing on-boarding mentors and matching new students
  • Scheduling October New Mentor Orientations

Lynden Christian High School

Lynden Christian High School 

Will my mentor be here today?!” – a returning student on the first day of school

Last week, a staff member mentioned to me that she can visibly see a change in a student who is in her second year with a mentor. She said, “She (the mentee) smiles more, she is more open, and she’s maturing, and you can tell her mentor really taps into what her mentee loves.” I love hearing things like this and was so thrilled I could pass that message onto the mentor.  So often mentors wonder if they are having an impact because on the day to day they might not see it, but others see it- mentors make a difference.

We are starting the year with seven matches since two matches graduated last year. One student is waiting for her match and there are a small handful of others I have been asked to connect with which will be happening as soon as possible.

Each mentor and mentee at Lynden Christian are invested- the mentees look forward to seeing their mentor each week and the mentors are consistent. Every person is different and each pair is unique, but their relationships are building, and I am thankful to be able to witness it firsthand. 

Timing of matches changed this year, and we are adapting. I continue to pray that the matches we have are meaningful, and that we can continue to form new matches as they come.


  • Immediate need: A female mentor who can meet on Thursday afternoon from 2:33-3:15pm at LCHS. I have a wonderful student who has registered for Be The One, and I am currently looking for the right fit for her. 
  • I am always looking for ways to expand the mentor pool and am planning some LC community outreach.


  • Seven matches are meeting regularly
  • I attended two orientations hosted by Lynden coordinators. A few mentors that have expressed interest in mentoring at LC also attended.
  • I am planning to circulate through health classes at LCHS and meet with referred students
  • Meeting and vetting possible new mentors
  • Coordinators plan to meet monthly to continue collaborating

Nooksack Valley High School

Nooksack Valley High School 


-In June, I was able to help with end of the year students interviews, get a tour of the school, met some staff and got to know mentees.

-In July, Handys (NVSD BTO Community Leaders) and I attended Everson Days, where we promoted BTO and met with community members.


  • In August, I attended NVHS staff retreat, learned about NVHS culture and got to know many staff members.
  • 5 students signed up at my BTO booth at Freshman Orientation
  • NVHS theme for the year: “you’re worth it”!!!!
  • My family set up a BTO booth at the tailgate for first home football game.
  • Time spent networking with coordinators at other school districts.
  • Emails sent out to our mentor pool introducing myself and gauging interest in mentoring again.
  • Learning students’ names and calling out “hey ____” in the hallways.
  • I am currently in the process of training with Lisa Reynolds (LHS coordinator), learning as much information as possible in terms of best practices, methods, and planning.
  • Several new mentors attended the Mentor Orientations in September, with one currently signed up for the Mentor Orientation in October.


  • Be seen by students, staff, parents and community members on campus and school events.
  • Visit classes and re-introduce program to students.
  • Hope to hang posters in local businesses and community areas of Nooksack, Everson and Sumas.
  • Continuing to vet new mentor applicants and meeting with students.
  • Attending Homecoming events and other extra-curricular activities (Go Pioneers!).

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