Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School: Coordinator Report for March 2021

Stories & snippets 

  • This month we received approval to return to on campus mentoring. This is exciting news, and we are now working to restart existing matches and begin new connections. This move has brought both the joy through reconnecting live matches and the assurance that it is okay to continue virtually. Some mentors are choosing to wait until they have been fully vaccinated or for certain statistical markers to be met before returning to campus.
  • On her second day back in the building a Middle Schooler asked me, “Am I gonna get to have a mentor again.” I told her that her pre-COVID mentor is no longer able to participate with us. I, also, told her we are working on it and she is on my list. She responded, “That was so much fun!” And within two weeks she was meeting with her new mentor.
  • A high school girl messaged me about getting a mentor. It was confusing because she already had a mentor and I thought things were going great. The match was one of the most consistent to continue meeting virtually during the pandemic. I cautiously asked if she was wanting a new mentor. Her quick response was, “uh, no, it’s for my boyfriend.” And he is now meeting with a BTO mentor.

March focus: 

  • Reconnecting on campus and supporting virtual matches as best fits each situation.
  • Started some new matches.
  • Working with area coordinators.

Looking ahead:

  • Supporting mentoring in varied meeting formats.
  • Working with area coordinators, especially related to how to best wrap-up this year and prep for the coming fall.