Nooksack Valley Schools – February 2022- Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets

·         A story of faithful commitment and resilience. Reba began mentoring Kaylene in Lynden. In March of 2020 Kaylene moved with her family to the Nooksack Valley. The day after Kaylene toured the school and officially transferred details covid hit, and school went virtual. Reba continued a steady presence in Kaylene’s life, first via email than helping us discover the world of virtual (ZOOM) mentoring. Now, in February 2022 Kaylene has informed Reba that her family is moving to across the country at the end of March. A relationship that has endured moves, a global pandemic, unforeseen weather disasters and varied systems of connection and delivery has brought Kaylene to the place she is ready for a big move and her coming senior year. What the relationship will look like in the future is yet to be seen. But we know that both student and mentor have memories to cherish long into the future.


February focus:

·         Supporting virtual (ZOOM) matches while hoping for the return of mentors to campus.

·         Supporting mentors and students.

·         Onboarded 2 new mentors.

·         Hosting a Mentor training (with other area coordinators).

·         Read Becoming a Better Mentor, from Mentor, the National Mentoring organization. Considering possibilities of using this in future mentor trainings.


Looking ahead:

·         Daily supporting students and mentors.

·         Meeting and working with area coordinators.

·         Recruiting and onboarding new mentors and new matches.