Lynden Christian – February 2022 – Coordinator Report

Two new matches!! I have been waiting to say that for a while- one high school match was connected and a middle school match was formed in February as well. The middle school match was a year in the making.  Last year the student’s mom reached out about the opportunity to have a mentor, and this school year I was able to connect with the student and explore his interest in Be the One.  The Lynden Coordinators were gracious in extending one of their mentors who ironically was a former Lynden Christian coach and teacher.  I will continue to pray over this match and hope that a friendship will be formed as they get to know each other better.

While two new matches may not sound like a significant number, in reality, it is two more kids who chose to seek out a mentor, who took the time to meet with me, returned their permission slips and interest forms, and now that is two more students beginning the mentoring adventure at Lynden Christian. We may or may not have many additional matches this year, but I continue to trust that each and every match we have is right where they are supposed to be. I do have a few mentors waiting, and a couple students who have expressed interest, so we’ve got prospects!


We truly have the best mentors. One of my newest matches meets before school on Thursdays. Every time I check in on them they are in deep conversation and often laughing. It’s a joyful match to say the least.  On a particular morning, the mentee brought her computer so that the pair could partake in the Just Dance video game together (check it out on YouTube if you don’t know what I am talking about).  I was able to get them set up in a quiet room with a bigger screen and they connected the computer and got their cardio started!

This mentor is so willing to dive into whatever her mentee is interested in. The mentor knew doing this game was way out of her personal comfort zone, but for her mentee she is willing to engage.


 ·       Eight matches meeting regularly

·       I put an advertisement in Lyncs Lines and am also putting together additional messages to be disbursed in the Lynden Christian communications as well. Last year, I saw a significant amount of interest in mentoring from the article in the Spring Home Bulletin.
·       At the beginning of February the Lynden Coordinators, Brian and Lisa, hosted mentor equipping sessions titled “Deeper Conversations with Your Mentee.” Not only was I able to attend, but several of our LC mentors did as well.
·       Brian and Lisa also hosted a Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification class at the end of February and four (three currently serving and one in the process) of our mentors were able to attend.  I attended the class last year and have effectively used the tools I learned in different areas of my life over the past year. In my opinion, this certification class would be beneficial for all parents, caregivers, and educators to experience.