Nooksack Valley Schools – October 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets 

  • The Maid is a current Neflix series that tells the story of a young woman struggling with the realities of abuse and marginal employment, matters of concern for many students as they transition to adulthood. I recommend it as insightful for Mentors growth and understanding. Here is a link to an NPR article about the program

October focus: 

  • Holding pattern – In many ways it feels like the program is a plane circling the sky waiting for clearance to land. We are doing the things we can do (see below) but the greatest movement will come as the community responds by following recommended guidelines to help drastically slow the pandemic.
  • Supporting virtual (ZOOM) matches
  • Connecting with students and Mentors
  • Working with area coordinators including hosting a mentor training in late October

Looking ahead:

  • (Hopefully) celebrating significant movement toward reducing the spread and impact of Covid
  • Moving back to on campus meetings, reconnecting existing matches
  • Continuing virtual meeting to support special circumstances
  • Recruiting and onboarding new mentors and new matches