Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School – Report January 2021

Stories & snippets 

  • Following the Student Voices mentor training A NV mentor connected with a mentor from another school district and shared ideas and experiences.
  • From a recent conversation with a student “Whether or not this COVID is true people are dying.”

January focus: 

  • (Continuing) Supporting students and mentors who are meeting primarily via video/ZOOM.
  • Hosted (with other area coordinators) Student Voices – a mentor training session.
  • Lisa Reynolds, Lynden High BTO coordinator and I Attended the National Mentoring Summit (virtually).
  • Thankful we were able to start a few new matches.
  • Working with area coordinators to support BTO programs.

Looking ahead:

  • Supporting mentoring amid ongoing, unpredictable realities.
  • Working with area coordinators to strengthen current programs and continue to explore new ideas and opportunities.
  • Planning for increased on campus time for (most) students.
  • Hosting a (virtual) mentors gathering in February.