Mentoring Coordinator Report – Nooksack – February 2021

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School
Be The One Coordinator Report
February 2021

Stories & snippets 

  • The excitement of being able to (virtually) add new match was met with the challenge of a student choosing to not turn on their camera and answer only via “chat.” The patience of the new mentor to adjust to the lack of visual and voice was exemplary. I met with the student the next day and asked if they wanted to continue meeting, got an “OK.” I, also, followed up with the mentor who indicated a willingness to keep meeting and supporting the student. We are hoping for a warming time leading to fuller contact and connection in the coming days.
  • Thanks to ZOOM in February we were able to keep three relationships active including a mentor who moved to the Seattle area to be near a new first grandchild, one who was in the central states caring for family a family member and one who is a (virtual) college student living in South Carolina this year.

February focus: 

  • (Continuing) with ZOOM meetings. Thankful for the faithfulness of mentors.
  • Adjusting to new school schedule with more students on campus for longer periods of time.
  • Supporting leadership transitions at the district and building level.
  • Hosted a (virtual) check-in gathering for NV mentors.
  • Once again, we were able to start a new match.
  • Working with area coordinators to support BTO programs.

Looking ahead:

  • Supporting mentoring with a focus on supporting the students returning to campus.
  • Working with area coordinators to strengthen current programs and continue to explore new ideas and opportunities.
  • Hoping and planning for the day we can again host mentoring on our campuses.