Nooksack Valley Schools – November 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories & snippets

·         Well, I didn’t see that coming… Following a seemingly unending global pandemic and the numerous adjustments to our school life and schedules I may have begun to think we were beyond surprises and disruptions. And clearly, I was wrong. This month flooding hit the Valley with a force that few if any remember. During all this numerous families were displaced, and homes destroyed. The greatest tragedy is the death of Jose Garcia, a father and community member. All of this resulting in an extended school closure in November in the Valley. The response of the community, including school staff, was an inspiration to many. So, now, once again we are in a restart mode and hoping that mentoring will be a positive support in the coming days.


November focus:

·         We continue active with virtual (ZOOM) matches and look forward to mentors being able to return to campus

·         Where possible we are starting new (virtual) matches

·         As always working with area coordinators is a joy


Looking ahead:

·         Hoping for continued community response to the Covid pandemic that will allow for a return to on campus mentoring meetings

·         Continuing virtual meeting to support special circumstance

·         Recruiting and onboarding new mentors and new matches