Gina and Janelle’s Story

Gina heard about Be the One from her older sister and requested a mentor in middle school. At the time, she was “looking for someone to talk to, a friend I could talk to about anything without a bunch of drama.” She and Janelle developed a close relationship over the next three years, and Gina can’t say enough good things about her mentor! She always enjoys their visits, and they talk non-stop! Janelle attended some of her volleyball games this year, too. Gina values their time because, “I have a person I can talk to, and she is one person who won’t judge me or get mad at me.” She feels Janelle shows empathy, relates to her well, and provides her with a broader perspective on life. They have fun together, but also share deeper things. She appreciated Janelle being there for her when her dad died during middle school, as well as recognizing the anniversary of his death this year. She credits Janelle with helping her deal with anger. “She’s there for me, so I don’t need as much counseling.”