Lynden Middle School – June 2022 End of year – Coordinator Report

Statistics for the 2021-2022 School Year 41 active matches at the end of the school year (the most we have ever had). We started the year with 8 matches, and we had 33 new matches made this school year. At the Middle School this year we had 640 mentoring hours of pairs meeting together. POSITIVE OUTCOMES Despite all the COVID mandates for masks … Read more

Coordinator Report – Lynden Middle School

April 2021 Program Update Change has come once again to the school schedule.  Students are now attending school every day for at least a half day.  Other students that need support are staying the full day. This is great for the school and the students, but it did cause some scheduling difficulties for the mentoring program. However, … Read more

Lynden Middle School: Coordinator Report for March 2021

Program Update It was a very busy month for the mentoring program at the middle school.  First, unfortunately, we had 5 pairs close their mentoring relationships. This happened for a variety of reasons including: schedules, mental health, students and mentors moving, and some students feeling like they no longer needed mentoring.  On the flip side, 8 new … Read more