Lynden Middle School – January 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to Share

The joy of mentoring is spreading

A student came into my office a few weeks ago and asked if she could have a mentor.  I asked her how she heard about the program, and I was told an amazing story.  Her sister had received a mentor a few years earlier, and the girl had noticed a major transformation.  Before, her sister was often depressed, and felt feelings of loneliness and shyness.  The two sisters would often fight, and it seemed to be related to stress.  After her sister got a mentor, things began to change.  Now, the two sisters are close and the girl who has a mentor is outgoing, happy, and confident.  Having a mentor has completely changed her life, and now her sister wants to experience the same thing.

 Just the Right Fit

It really amazes me how people can connect over their shared experiences.  I had one student who had a unique set of circumstances that limited my search to finding that student a mentor.  The student sat on my wait list for months, while I looked for just the right fit.  I talked to many mentors about the student, but none seemed to fit quite right.  However, I finally talked to a new mentor and told them about the student, and I was surprised at their response.  The mentor told me they had struggled with the exact same thing as a teenager.  Instead of repelling this mentor away, the student inspired the mentor to give it a try.  Now, the two enjoy their time together!

 Care and Compassion

When mentors need to leave for a few weeks, they commonly part ways with their student and see them when they return.  This is a routine practice that often happens during the school year.  I had one mentor that had this same situation come up.  They knew they were going to leave for three weeks, and they chose to do something a little different.  They had decided to write their student three separate letters.  One letter was to be opened each day the student and mentor were supposed to meet.  Each letter was labeled with the date, and I delivered the letters to the student.  What a creative way to show a student care and compassion.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS

  • 27 active matches at the middle school
  • 4 new matches were made in the month of January
  • 3 Students on our wait list, waiting for a mentor
  • 23 potential students interested in the program or referred by staff
  • 200 hours of mentoring so far this school year

Program Update

New mentor orientation: 3 people attended and were matched quickly.