Lynden Christian – January 2022 – Coordinator Report


One by one we are adding matches.  In December, I was able to meet with a few more students who were interested and eager to have a mentor.  I was so hopeful that I would be able to find them the right match within my pool, but really wanted to take my time and make sure that personalities (and schedules) could mesh. Rewind to last year when Be The One started at Lynden Christian we had a core group of volunteers who right away expressed interest in becoming a mentor, and I was finally able to match the final mentor from that group with one of the students who came through my door in December. They are both wonderful conversationalists and I am really looking forward to watching this relationship flourish.

I also have two more matches who plan to meet for the first-time next week with one being our first middle school match, so I am continuing to pray about those prospective relationships.


My process with meeting a student typically goes a little something like this…most of the kids who come through my door do so because someone such as a teacher or the counselor has mentioned it to them and peaked their interest. I don’t typically go out scouting for kids because in my short tenure at Lynden Christian I have quickly found that the more organic our encounters are the more likely that kids are to commit.

We chat a little one on one, they tell me about themselves, I ask questions and share a little about the program, and then I give them a packet little packet of permission slips and interest forms. Thankfully, thus far I have not had too much trouble getting paperwork back because most of the students who I get to meet are ready to have a mentor.

What I find to be both predictable and intriguing is that I learn so much just sitting in a room and being able to chat these young adults, and what I love is when they bring back their interest forms I find out that much more about them. They are so willing to share such deep insights into their lives. Every single aspect from the first time we meet to sharing with them that I found a possible match lends so much understanding into the beautiful complexity of the teenage mind. As I prepare to make matches I often find myself pining over my notes and their forms wishing that I could meet with each of them every week just to know more.

I am forever thankful for the mentors who volunteer and show up- physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally- week after week to be there for their student. I value the mentors and mentees alike who are willing to step out and be vulnerable enough to share their lives with another person.

Not only is each student learning to converse and connect with an adult during their weekly meeting, but they are also learning the value of communication and responsibility when they make a plan to meet with their mentor and follow through with their commitments.


 ·       Six matches meeting- two more set to start the first week of February.

·       As per usual I am looking to grow both my student and mentor pool. I am scheduled to circle through the health classes in the next few weeks.  I am also putting together messages to go out in LC bulletins to drum up interests for new mentors as well.

·       The Lynden Coordinators, Brian and Lisa, are hosting two mentor equipping sessions during the first week of February and have invited mentors from all districts to attend.  The topic is “Deeper Conversations with Your Mentee.” It will certainly be informative.