BTO Coordinator Report – Lynden Middle School May 2021

Stories to Share

One Last Meeting

One pair ended their mentoring relationship back in February.  The student was moving at the end of the year, and she was too stressed out to see her mentor. Now that the school year is wrapping up, the student is less stressed and willing to see her mentor one last time. She agreed and the two had a great last day together.  Hopefully, they can continue the mentoring relationship in the years to come after the student moves.

Special Circumstance

In a typical year, I do not normally match a new mentoring pair after May 1st.  This is usually the case, because I want to give the pair enough chances to meet before the end of the school year.  A special circumstance arose where a certain student was really struggling and needed someone to talk to.  I happened to have a mentor available and connected the two a few weeks ago.  I had them meet twice per week and now they are wrapping up for the year.  They have made a great connection and will continue next year at the high school.

A Special Gift for Mom

One student wanted to make her mother a nice Mother’s Day gift.  The mentor worked on the hand-made gift with the student on a Friday.  The project took longer then expected, but it did not bother the mentor.  She bought a pizza and the two worked on the project for 4 hours.  The mother was very touched by the thoughtful gift.  Mentors always seem to go that extra mile for their students.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS:

  • 26 active matches at the middle school
  • 1 pair ended.  Both the mentor and student moved to another state.
  • 1 new match was made this month
  • 12 Potential students for the program next year (we are not making any more matches this year)
  • Almost 400 hours of mentoring this school year at the middle school
  • 1 Pair reached 50+ hours together

Program Update

  • Kids are no longer being matched this year.
  • Interviews of the students have been completed and surveys have been given to every student possible.
  • Mentoring pairs are ending the first week of June.
  • Mentors will be surveyed soon.
  • The program will start up again in the Fall
  • Lisa and I will try and wrap up the policy and procedure manual if possible.
  • End of the year report is coming.