Lynden Middle – September 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories to Share

Still Connecting
I recently talked with a mentor who had a student move away two years ago.  The mentor wanted to share how excited she was to receive a few letters from her former student.  The student was doing well and seemed to be maturing in many aspects of life.  At one point, the mentor thought they may never communicate again.  It is important to understand how vital mentoring can be, when two people meet in-person. 

Summer Connections
I have heard some good stories about mentors and students writing to each other over the summer.  Also, as we started up the new school year both mentors and students have expressed how much they missed each other.  In a time such as this, mentoring is even more important for students who experiencing trauma and anxiety.

Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS

  • 9 active matches at the middle school
  • A few pairs ended over the summer and will not continue.
  • No new matches were made in the month of September (usually this does not happen until
  • 25 Potential students for the program this year.  (We are having a large number of students interested in the program and referrals being given.  I have never seen such a need before).
  • 22 hours of mentoring this month at LMS

Program Update

  • A new school year has begun.
  • We started the year with 10 matches and I am working hard to match new pairs.
  • This year I am trying something new with 6th graders.  Because of their fluctuating maturity levels, I have decided to start a 6th grade group for both girls and boys.  It will be a mentoring group that meets one time per month, and when I feel they are ready, I will pull a student from the group and match them with a mentor.
  • Students are still required to wear masks, due to the state mandate.
  • The state mandate requiring vaccinations for volunteers has proven to be challenging, but most mentors have been vaccinated or have received an exemption from the mandate.  This has added a new element to my job description.
  • Lisa and I are continuing to work on the BTO policy and procedure manual when we can.