Lynden Christian – September 2021 – Coordinator Report


…and we’re back, well we were and we will be again soon! Four of our five matches met on September 28 many for the first time since June. The fifth match wasn’t able to connect, but has plans to meet again when in person school picks back up.

Students and mentors alike were excited to see each other. I had a student say, “I have so much to tell [my mentor].  I can’t wait to see her because she knows what I was going through last year, but it’s getting better.” One student mentioned that she will be sharing her story at an upcoming chapel and she wants to invite her mentor so she can share in that moment too!

I again am encouraged despite the ever changing times.  While our numbers for Be The One at Lynden Christian seem small I feel that the students who have elected to participate have needs that are being met, and based on conversations with each of the mentors many are also feeling that the relationships are growing. Switching to online school has been disheartening for many, but the leadership at LC continues to do a wonderful job at communicating and advocating for in person learning.  These are trying times, but the hard work behind the scenes doesn’t go unnoticed. I am doing my best to make sure that students and mentors stay informed and connected.  Many mentors reached out with the cancellation of in person learning and I am hoping to aid in keeping the communication flowing for mentors and students during this hiccup.

Early in the summer I worked with Doug Devries to get the text bridge set up for our LC matches which may be a resource now and in the future.  The text bridge would allow students and mentors to communicate via text using a single number provided by Be The One and routed through a secure site to be monitored by me.  I am in the process of getting all the parent permissions signed and returned and also the student contacts signed for all interested matches.


  • I hosted (with the help of Brian Clemmer from LM- Thanks Brian!) the first orientation of the year on September 28 with three attendees.  Two have returned their applications and are almost cleared to start mentoring. I am hoping to schedule the next one in October or November.
  • I have been compiling a list of recommendations for male mentors, and contacting each of them.  I have two male students (a 7th grader and a senior in high school) both in need of a mentor.
  • I created “postcards” to place at businesses and offices such as Second Chance to hopefully attract more attention for mentors.
  • The Lynden Christian Home Bulletin that went out in the spring of last year did an excellent job of promoting Be The One, and I was contacted by a handful of prospective mentors.
  • When school resumes I plan to circulate through the classrooms and present Be The One to the students again – especially freshman and new students!