Nan & 3 mentors

3 mentors over the course of Middle School, current relationship began March 2022  In 6th grade Nan was excited to be matched with a mentor. She matched with Ella in October 2019, and they began a great friendship. In January 2020 Ella informed the coordinator that they were moving out of the area. Nan was saddened … Read more

Angie & Casey 

Mentoring began in 8th grade, 2021 and ended in 9th grade 2022  Angie, an 8th grader, and Casey began meeting virtually in March of 2021. While Angie was willing to be a part of a match, she had some unusual boundaries. The coordinator explained the situation and Casey was willing to go forward, respecting Angie’s requests.   The reality … Read more

Kaylene & Reba 

Mentoring began at Lynden Schools and ended at NVHS in 11th grade 2022  Reba began mentoring Kaylene at Lynden Middle School. In March of 2020 Kaylene moved with her family to the Nooksack Valley. The day after Kaylene toured the school and officially transferred covid hit, and school went virtual. Reba continued a steady presence in … Read more

Albert and Don

Mentoring began in 6th grade, March 2022  Albert arrived at middle school in the fall of 2021. He and his class were part of a wave of students who entered middle school after almost two years of erratic school and cultural realities. In late winter 2022 mentors were brought back on campus. The coordinator got word … Read more

Joe and Mitch

Began March 2021 – 12th grade  Joe was a junior and school was in year two of pandemic crisis. Joe’s girlfriend had a BTO mentor, and she encouraged him to get one, too. In the Spring of 2021 Joe began meeting with Mitch. They went through times of virtual meetings and occasionally being together at school. … Read more

Manny and Mitch 

Began March 2022 – 9th grade  Manny is a 9th grader from a family with three brothers. His two older brothers are twins who had a mentor when they attended NVHS. He is a high-energy kid who enjoys friends and being active.   Manny was the first new HS match after mentors were allowed back on campus. Each … Read more

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The Backyard Reporters: Be The One Mentoring

This episode features an interview with Nancy McHarness of Partners for Schools, discussing “Be the One,” a social/emotional mentoring program for kids in Lynden, Ferndale and Nooksack Schools. Produced by Susan Lindsey. Original air date: 2/24/22. KMRE · The Backyard Reporters: Be The One Mentoring